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Divas 4 Success offers exciting programs to challenge our girls’ minds and build confidence and motivation within individual skill-sets. All of our camps and works embed the following programs that utilize objectives adapted from The Florida Department of Education: Applied Technology Standards to ensure girls are receiving an enriching class experience while preparing them to be leaders in their schools and communities.


Music and Movement: programs provide students with opportunities to obtain skills in the areas that increase the girls poise, confidence, coordination, and public speaking skills.


Life Skill Enhancement: programs provide opportunities for girls to discover their passion through life-skills that will assist with increasing confidence and skill-sets amongst a variety of engaging classes.


Academic Advancement: programs provide students with the opportunity to enhance their skills in one or more of the following areas Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our unique fusion provides our students with hands on application in fun and interactive ways to expand critical and problem-solving skills that lead to success within the classroom.


S.T.R.E.A.M. classes can be personalized to provide one-on-one instruction to sharpen a girl’s skill level and increase confidence, motivation and leadership qualities. Our personalized program offers parents’ or caregivers’ a choice of academic advancement, performing arts, dance, or music for their child.


We offer state of the art workshops to boost girls’ confidence and motivation. All of our workshops are themed to generate excitement and retention of skills taught.


If you’d like more information on an upcoming workshop, contact Xanthe Asberry at 1 (800) 290-2145 Ext. 102 or email info@divasforsuccess.com

Building Our Girls Confidence

A great way to promote resilience in the social and emotional lives of girls is through DIVAs 4 Success educational workshops.


Workshops are offered on Saturdays and vary between the hours of 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. All classes are designed to build confidence, motivation and teamwork the following workshops are currently being offered.


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D.I.V.A., LLC was a rewarding experience and I am repeatedly asked by participants when is D.I.V.A is coming back.

Eddie Davis

Lead Instructor H.O.S.T

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