Does Your Daughter Feel Misunderstood?

While working in the school sector the founding Diva’s always noticed girls in 4th through 10th grade that appeared to need more attention and support to make learning gains and maintain their confidence as many things around them changed.


The founders often observed these girls to be overlooked, experience feelings of frustration, loneliness, and found that they are often times misunderstood as they enter into the world of puberty.


By utilizing our Service Delivery Model that is tailored specifically to meet these needs of girls. This allows each participant to be more confident and inspired to learn inside or outside the school setting.

To Achieve This Goal...

Each enrichment class offers components of the following skills.


Through varies classes girls will increase their:


  • self-esteem and self- awareness
  • leadership skills
  • public speaking skills
  • oral vocabulary skills*
  • reading skills
  • mathematic application, commutation, and problem-solving  skills*
  • testing strategies
  • body awareness and coordination
  • oral and written communication skills*
  • social network
  • academic achievement and motivation


*Common Core Standards


What Does the Data Say

Data suggests all girls in attendance increased their understanding and skills in areas taught during workshops and classes.

``My 8 yr old daughter loves D.I.V.A. LLC she have gone to different workshops and D.I.V.A. photo shoots and loves to meet new friends. She is very proud to be part of D.I.V.A. LLC.``

Rocio Cabreja